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third stage undergraduate projects

Plymouth, UK | BA (Hons) Architecture

The contextual investigation was conducted with Sophia Souglidou, Kat Skrucha and Alexia Lazou.

Ridgeway for a future,
a future for Ridgeway

third year final project

Contextual investigation and integrated design

The final project in my undergraduate studies is situated at Ridgeway School in Plympton. With the support of the school, we intervied the students in order to understand how the school functions, its problems and needs, as well as student's aspirations for the future.



With stunning views offered by the surrounding countryside, the design of the school responds to the requirement for highly adaptable spaces to provide for future flexibility, creating an interactive and motivating environment.


Designed around a central courtyard and following a  progressive pedagogical journey around the building, the school seeks to build bridges. It incorporates a range of sustainable, environmental and psychological principles and encounters new technologies, blending them in a celebrated natural environment.


Ridgeway for a future, a future for Ridgeway, addresses issues of placemaking, belonging, transience and reinforcement of identity.

"In the limelight",
Devonport Market

Project Use [-ful, the] / Place

Group site investigation and individual proposal 

Situated in the redundant Plymouth's Devonport market building, the brief was to analyze the context and, in the style of an ideas competition, develop and present a proposition for re-use of the existing building.


My proposal, "In the limelight", is a music hall which aims to bring the community together with events, concerts and festivals. The (presently) dull and dominating towers surrounding the market, act as projection surfaces for films/internal activities that take place in the hall.


The building and its internal structure are preserved; the inside (metallic blue structure) unfolds to the outide introducing a new landscape, which acts as a catalyst to regenerate Devonport as a cultural and music experimentation point in the city of Plymouth.

The site investigation & exploration was conducted with Sophia Souglidou, Kat Skrucha and Alexia Lazou.

second stage undergraduate projects

Plymouth, UK | BA (Hons) Architecture
"waterside kaleidoscope"

Fashion House Project, Barbican, Plymouth, 2009

​​Final year project for second year of BA.


The waterside kaleidoscope is a space for the community, which aims to reconnect the quays to create a continuous waterside pathway and bring people together.


This project merges elements of fashion, retail, charity, consumer perception and the environment that houses them in an urban context.


The programme includes a gallery with retail, a lounge/bar, a catwalk, design studios, a shop and a small workshop.


The shows exhibited in the gallery/retail area are based on charity clothes that have been through a modification/alteration stage in the workshops, creating a new use for them and giving money back to these charities. 

Housing Complex

design stage 2 project


The site of the housing complex is split in two spaces. Situated in a residential area, the site has very strong links to Plymouth railway station, university and the city centre.


The total area available for use is 640 square meter.

The brief involved the design of seven units for two types (two bed and four bed town houses):

-4 two bedroom town house + small paved area/yard

-3 four bedroom town houses + small gardens


All units are facing south so that they get the same amount of daylight and are protected by traffic noise via an avenue of trees and natural vegetation at the site's edges.

A playground is also provided, while  bicycle storage, allotments, recycling and a communal cultivable garden, promote the concept of sustainable living.

"Your embodiment"

design stage 2 preliminary project

"If the body had been easier to understand, nobody would have thought we had a mind"                              

                                                                             Richard Rotry


The project is used as a vehicle to explore the body-space relationship in architecture, the use of narrative as a concpetual generator and the relationship between theory and practice of design.


My chosen "embodiment" object was a handmade mirror. The mirror itself is a very powerful element via which someone can face both the physical and mental changes.


Linking the proportions of the mirror to the human body ("Le Modulor"), combined with the fact that every mirror is an optical illusion (M. C. Escher), the final model aimed to achieve an internal optical illusion via a geometrical scupture.

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