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Step By Step [SBS] system promotional advert

presented supplementary to kinesis electricity project

Master of Architecture Stage 2

Have you ever thought how much energy you can produce by walking down the street?


Step By Step [SBS], is a short promotional video about producing renewable energy via footsteps. 

The technology converts the kinetic energy to electricity which can be stored and used for a variety of applications. This off-grid, interactive technology is highly engaging, bringing events and installations to life.


The proposal not only points out the need for innovative and interactive ways of generating energy to achieve optimum self-sufficiency, but also introduces a new landscape in which social encounters take place and are being metabolized.

Project completed jointly with Maria Michail and Sofia Souglidou

Project completed jointly with Isla Melville, Theodora Papanastasiou and Evangelia Charalampous

retracing the archaic

Collective Solipsism project _​​ part C

Master of Architecture Stage 1


archaic: commonly used in an earlier time but rare in present-day usage except to suggest the older time

Retracing the Archaic is a film exploring the stark contrast of the busy, enclosed (although this may be contested) space of Plymouth city center and that of the waterfront - the Hoe and approach to the Barbican - which are very much exposed (to physical and psychological elements) and perhaps as a result have become obsolete.


The waterfront was once a place of activity, but the drive and attraction has turned to the city center. There's a certain 'intensity of the city' (Simmel 1948) versus the emptiness and 'dullness' of the waterfront.


The route is confused and long - especially psychologically. 'Many examples illustrate the the great influence of factors such as distance, route quality and mode of transportation between people and between various functions' (Gehl, 2011, p.115).


The waterfront has become the recessed piazza/sky walk of Plymouth; it is the disconnected space obstructed by physical and mental barriers. And in turn the place has become obsolete, archaic and to an extend an uninspiring experience. "Yes, [it is beautiful], BUT what a mission!"

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