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The progression of my work has been largely influenced by contextual and evidence-based research, essays and thesis written over the course of my studies. My MSc studies on Space Syntax along with my Thesis research, helped me develop an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of the built environment. My major interest lays in the relationship between spatial and social networks, within which I have developed a special concern about industrial heritage and intangible cultural heritage (ICH).

Below, a selection of this research is outlined:

(* PDF available on request)

2016: Palimpsest Industry: industrial heritage and intangible    

          cultural heritage in the creative city

          A comparative analysis of the Old Truman Brewery    

          in London and Technopolis in Athens

          MSc Spatial Design Thesis



2013: [re]claiming the body politik

          architectural discussion

          M. Arch Thesis Project


2013: Reflective Report

          Emerging Architectural Research

          Creativity, making and empowerment


2012: Tracing the threshold

          A case study of Glanville Street, Plymouth University

          Urban Theories and Methodologies

2010: The 'Name' of the Museum

          converting the multi-dimensional experience into an                   embodied image

          Third Year BA dissertation



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