Squire and Partners, London, UK

Part 2 professional experience | July 2014-July 2015

Following my Master of Architecture studies, I worked at Squire + Partners as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant. The majority of my time in the office was spent working on an office and residential building development in Mayfair, London, during its technical design stage. I also had the opportunity to work on a larger scale mixed-use development project on the site of the former Elizabeth Arden factory in North Acton, during the early stages of the design process. 
Perfume Factory

mixed-use development 


location: London, W3

client: Essential Living

Landscape Consultant: LDA Design

Planning Consultant: CGMS

Services: AECOM

Structure: Robert Bird Group

Transport Consultant: Peter Brett Associates

I started working with the Perfume Factory Project Team in March 2015, when the project was at the early pre-planning application stage.

My main contribution included drawing key plans, sections and (context) elevations in Revit.

More specifically my role comprised of:

  • Research into materials for the building facades; productions of facade and material brochures 

  • Production of parameter and use plans in 1:500, calculation of min and max GEAs  

  • Testing out various options for internal layouts of the towers, as well as bay studies

  • Revision of the client’s programmatic brief and incorporation within the design of the scheme 

  • Landscape design implementation; design of connective landscape structures, temporary and permanent pavilions

  • Design of the facade elevations of the conserved Perfume Factory building

  • Research into code for sustainable homes/lifetime homes/london housing design/ealing council standards

  • Drawing of site/context plan/elevations in 1:500, landscape plan in 1:800, building plans and sections in 1:200 to 1:100

  • Production of key views with Revit from various points on site for rendering

  • Production of demolition plans/elevations at 1:500 and 1:100 scale


8-10 Grafton Street & 22-24 Bruton Lane

office and residential building development 


location: Mayfair, London, W1S, UK

Starting from July 2014 until February 2015, I was involved in the development of the technical design stage initially of Grafton Street office building and later on exclusively of Bruton Lane residential development. My main contribution included the integration and organisation of most drawings into REVIT, the production of technical detail drawings at various scales along with BREEAM calculations for the buildings' environmental performance. More specifically, some of the responsibilities included the production of:

  • Fire strategy drawings

  • Public art strategy presentation brochure/research into potential artists

  • Floor finishes drawings in 1:20 scale and Floor Detailing in 1:2 scale

  • Blockwork/wall types and junctions plans/elevations from  1:50 to 1:10 scale

  • Ceiling detailed sections in 1:5 and reflected ceiling plans in 1:50

  • Roof and wall screen details in 1:5 scale

  • Glazing and facade system detailing in 1:5 scale

  • Head and jamb door details in 1:5 scale, both in plan and in elevation

  • Joinery brochure

  • Lift system detailing and material research

  • Landscape paving pattern drawings

  • Cleaning strategy elevation drawings in 1:100


Potiropoulos+Partners, Athens, Greece

Part 1 professional experience | September 2010-December 2010

shopping center

preliminary study for architectural competition by invitation, 2010


location: Platanias, Chania, Greece

client: Cretan Properties SA


Working from September 2010 - December 2010 in Potiropoulos+Partners office, I was involved in the completion and submission of various architectural projects (residential, office/administration, banks), from preparation of technical designs and specifications, to production of detailed information, mainly via CAD drawings.


However, the biggest part of my working experience was based on the completion of a shopping center proposal for a competition by invitation in Chania, Greece.


Working collaborativelly in a team, my work included the completion of CAD drawings and the production of rendered images for final presentation (3d studio max and Photoshop).



ISV Architects, Athens, Greece

Part 1 professional experience | January 2011 - June 2011

high-end residential houses

location: Palaio Psychiko and Filothei, Athens, Greece



Starting from January 2011, my role in the practice involved the preparation of technical designs and specifications, the production of information in detail, applications for statutory approvals, tender documentation in detail, the provision to the contractor of further information when required and reviewing of information provided by contractors and specialists. My work on these residences included:

  • design of construction details (from 1:50 to 1:5 scale)

  • detailed window schedule

  • design and detailed schedule of all external finishes

  • design of external elevations

  • design of all internal and external doors and window schedule

  • detailed design of all fitted wardrobes and cupboards

  • design of all glass partitions

  • design of external shading systems



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