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MKStudio, Volos, Greece

Architect/Collaborator | July 2013 (part-time) – present (full-time March 2021)

Private Residence


The three-storey residence with pilotis space has been built on a plot of 153.08 sq.m. on Iatrou Tzanou Street, in the area of Agiou Konstantinou in Volos. The plot has a south-east orientation and demonstrates a narrow front façade length. The building consists of four floors with a building area of 238.38 sq.m.
On the ground floor/pilotis there is the entrance area, auxiliary areas of the house and parking spaces. The main house extends on the first, and second floor, while on the third floor there is an office-study space. On the first floor, the private areas of the house (bedrooms-bathrooms) are located, and on the second floor the common areas (living room-dining room-kitchen-wc), so that they are closer to the large outdoor area of the third floor with the view to the sea.
The construction of the building is a combination of metal frame and reinforced concrete elements. The idea of the composition was that the metal frame and, consequently, the way of the construction, to be visible on all levels of the façade.
The light construction of the façade pergola element connects the balconies with each other, changing direction and creating vertical awnings. To protect the top floor from the strong sun, the pergola is repeated towards the inside, with movable blinds, giving the outdoor seating area & barbecue different qualities of natural light.


Anavros, Volos, GR
Completed in April 2018
Maria Kontogianni, Sotiria Sarri
Civil Engineer: 
Nikos Chatzinikolaou
Mechanical Engineer: 
Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou


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