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Mcrit, Barcelona, Spain

Architect, Urban Strategies Consultant | October 2019 – March 2021

Urban strategies to improve urban mobility in Teresina, Brasil


Based on Transport Oriented Development (DOT) strategies, the project was carried out in three pilot areas of the capital of Piauí, chosen according to their connection with public transport corridors.
The diagnosis for each pilot project took into account topics such as incident urban legislation, possibilities for financing urban mobility systems, use of instruments to capture real estate valuation, land market conditions, available land, public spaces and actors involved with the development of the area. The overall aim of the initiative was to support the municipalities' capacity to develop and adopt their own DOT systems, through the development of action plans that include strategic elements for planning and promoting urban development based on public transport axes.
A public investment was proposed to make these areas more interesting and, subsequently, to attract private investment in order to develop them economically, improve circulation of people within the neighborhoods, introduce more security and improve the quality of life.
Piauí, Teresina, Brasil
Under construction
Consultants: Mcrit (Barcelona) and Urban Systems (Brasil)


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