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ISV Architects

Part I professional experience | January 2011 – June 2011

High-end residential houses


Starting from January 2011, my role in the practice involved the preparation of technical designs and specifications, the production of information in detail, applications for statutory approvals, tender documentation in detail, the provision to the contractor of further information when required and reviewing of information provided by contractors and specialists. My work on these residences included:

  • design of construction details (from 1:50 to 1:5 scale)

  • detailed window schedule

  • design and detailed schedule of all external finishes

  • design of external elevations

  • design of all internal and external doors and window schedule

  • detailed design of all fitted wardrobes and cupboards

  • design of all glass partitions

  • design of external shading systems

Palaio Psychiko and Filothei, Athens, Greece
Architects: ISV Architects
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